It’s all just a ploy!

Today I came across an article discussing the issues of modern day creativity, especially in the Public Relations area.

Click here to see the link.

There was one section that I found especially interesting and brought a little smile to my face too.

“A Quick Story

When I worked on The Catfish Institute (don’t laugh; it was super fun!), our goal was to get catfish on the menu of white tablecloth restaurants. You see, catfish are bottom feeders and are known to be the most tasty when fried.

But when farm-raised, catfish not only eat from the top of the pond, they are a lovely white fish that take on the flavors in which they are prepared, making them fairly versatile for chefs.

In order to raise awareness and reach our goal, we invited up-and-coming chefs to participate in a cooking contest using, you guessed it, catfish.

It was Iron Chef before Iron Chef existed. And it worked.

Not only was it super fun work to do, we reached our goals. And then some. All because it was creative, it was fun, it was measurement-bound, and it had a clear vision.”

I love anything that is creative. But what makes me smile more is witty advertising. And most often, it is the simplest of marketing that is most effective.

jakpetzdog1Frontline uses people as props for their campaign for flea spray. The people represent the fleas, which the dog is itching to dispose of.
Of course, from viewpoint of the ‘fleas’ nothing seems unordinary. However, if you look at the image from a birds-eye view, it is very clever indeed.
This is one of my favourite advertising campaigns, as it is simple but using the best out of an everyday environment.

Here are some more which I can’t help but smile at. The Mondo Pasta is my favourite.

Click here to go to the link.

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3 thoughts on “It’s all just a ploy!

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  2. Ewwwww! That Frontline ad is gross! It definitely hits the emotion of “I have to buy that so those aren’t on my dog!” Very clever, indeed. And thanks for sharing my catfish story. That was a really fun account to work on.

    • Thanks for dropping by! haha yes, it is gross I agree but it definitely gets your attention which is why it works so well.
      No problem, although now I really want to try Catfish! Not sure where to find it in england.

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